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Beautiful crochet cardigan

Atualizado: 23 de dez. de 2019

Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to share A beautiful crochet cardigan. It’s easy and everyone can make it. I’ll do my best to explain. It’s hard fo me because English is not my first language but if you have any questions let me know so I can help you.

About the pattern

It’s a top down sweater which mean we start from the top working all parts at the same time until we get to underarm then we separate the sleeves from the body.


Crochet hook 5 mm

6 balls of yarn For small size


width 42 cm/ 16 inches

lengh 64 cm/ 25 inches

if you need help with the pattern I have a group to help with the pattern. Click in the link


Row1= chain 55 for small size,

as you can see in the picture you’ll have 23 stitchs for the back, 13 for sleeves and one stitch for the front but because I already increased there is 3 stitche.

Row 2= ch3 and in the same stitch put a double crochet( you’ll have 2 dc in the same stitch)

continue one dc for each dc to the 2ch space( 1dc ch2 1dc in the same space) continue to the end.

You should have something Like this.

Row 3= Ch3 in the first st dc, skip one dc turn back to stitch that you just skipped and do dc (Always increase One stitch in the first stitch) this stitch is call crossed double stitch.when you get to 2ch space (dc ch2 dc in the same space) repeat to the end.

You must have something like that.

Row 4= ch3 in the first stitch dc, continue with dc to the end increasing in the 2ch spaces.

Row 5= we are going to work with bead stitch. See the video belo. Don’t forget to increase in the first stitch.

Row6 = dc crochet for each stitch. Repeat these rows for all pattern.

for my size I crochet for 15 rows (10 inches) to separate the sleeves you can continue if necessar.

From the beginner to the underarm it have 9 inches. From there I will separate the sleeves from the body.

See the stitch sequenc and as you can see in the picture you can close the front.

Work one more row to the 2ch space then skip all stitch from the soles, dc directly into ch2 in the back, dc for each dc to the 2ch space and do the same thing, skip all stitches for The sleeves go directly into 2ch space, dc for each dc.

its important to see if you cardigan close perfect if yes you can stop increasing in the first stitch. I hope this makes sense.

work the body until you get the size you want then finish the sleeves. I did 38 rows/ 22 inches. After we separate the sleeves we stop increasing.

I know it’s not perfect but I hope this can help you to make this beautiful cardigan.

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