Bobble crochet sweater

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Today I’m going to share my favorite crochet sweater.

I decide to use top down method because for its simple, fast and easy. If you need help I have a group on Facebook to help you guys with all my patterns. My Facebook’s group.


2 balls of yarn 750 metros each ball/ 100% acrylic

crochet hook 4 mm.


double crochet = dc

single crochet = sc

slip stitch = ssl

half double crochet = hdc

bobble stitch = bc

mesh stitch = ms ( double crochet, ch, dc in the next stitch)

Stitch = st

chain = ch

Crosses double crochet = cdc



Width 40 cm

Length 56 cm

About the pattern

This sweater is a top down which means we are going to start from the top working all parts at the same time. Once we get to underarm we must separate the sleeves from the body. Work on the body only than finish the sleeves later. The goof thing is that once you finish it’s done, we don’t have to sew or join anything.

I always try to make patterns simple as possível. The method I use to deisg my top down is very simple and easy.

For my size Im going to ch 120 so the distribution will be like that ;

36 for the back

24 for the sleeves

36 for the front

24 for the sleeves

You always can change the numbers, if necessary you can take off some stitches from the sleeves to put in front and back.

Important :

because we are going to start from the back we need to devide for 2 o if I have 30 for back I’m going to make only 18 and work around and finish with another half wich is 18 stitches that remained so you must have 30 stitches.

Chain 3 count as first double crochet

Chain 2 count as first double crochet


ch 120 for small and medium and close with slip stitch in the first ch.

Row 1= Ch2, hdc for each stitch

Row 2 = ch3, hdc for the next 18 st( back) ch2 and work in the next 20 sts( sleeves) ch2 and continue for 336 sts( front) ch2 and hdc for the next 20 sts( sleeves) work on the 18 stitches that remained. You must have 36 in the back.

Check the numbers for each part to make sure you have the right numbers for each par.

Row3 = ch2, hdc for each st to the ch space ( into the ch space ad hd, ch2, hdc )

keep going to the next ch2 space and do the same thing( hdc, ch2, hdc, ate the same space).ssp in the first st.

Row4 = as row 3

Row5 = ch4 ( count as dc and a ch space) skip one and in the next st dc, ch skip one in the next dc. *ch, dc in the next st* repeat to the end. Ssp in the first stitch.

Row6 = ch2, hdc for each st to the ch2 space( hdc, ch2, hdc in the same space) as row 3. Ssp in the first st.

Row7 = in this row we are going to work with bobble stitch, see the video below.

Row8 = ch3, dc for each st and in the ch2 space ( dc, ch2, dc). Repeat to the end. Ssp in the first st.

Row 9 = ch3, *skip one and in the next st dc go back to st we skipped dc* repeat to the ch2 space and do the increase as normal ( dc, ch2, dc inche ch2 space).ssp in the first st.

Row10 = ch3, dc for each stit and in the ch2 space( dc, ch2, dc).repeat to the end.

for this pattern we are going to repeat from row 5 to 10. Keep workin until you get to underarm.

Row one

After rows one, two and three You must have something like that.

Row bobble

When your piece get to underar, it’s time to separate the sleeves.

Work until you get to ch2 space, dc in the ch2 space and skip all sts for the sleeves and work direi to the next ch2space, turn your work and continue to the other side until you get to ch2 space. Do the same thing, skip all sts for sleeves and work directly into the next ch2space, dc inside and dc for each dc. No more increase.

if Necessary you can do some ch underarm to get the size you want for the sleeves.

From here it’s simple just keep going until you get the length you want.

once you have finished the body than work int the sleeve with the same pattern we use for the body.

video in Portuguese

I need to correct the audio in Teheran english video, I’m sorry but I’m working on it.

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