Crochet top Rose

Hello guys,

Todya I’m going to share a very beautiful and simple pattern. It’s very easy and fast to make.


1 and half ball comfy cotton blend

crochet hook 5 mm

5 Butons

Stitches to know;

Singles crochet

double crochet


Gauge :

10 cm = 14 sts and 8 rows

Sizes :

Small measures


lenght 40 cm

width 47 cm



chain enough for your size, 70 for small and mediu, 80 for large, 90 for extra large. To adjust for the size you want I recommend to you measure any cothes that you like the width and chain enough to get the same size and for the front you need the half you did for the back. Exemplo; if you did 100 chains for back piece for the front will be 50 chains.

row1: work with double crochet for each chain To the end.

row2 : ch3, skip one dc in the next st, back to the stitch you skipped and dc. ( this is call crossed double crochet) repeat to the end, finish with dc in the last stitc.

repeat row 1 and 2 for 20 rows.

lace pattern in the top

work 10 row with mesh stitch ( dc, ch1, skip one, dc in the stitch ).

for the neck

leave about 16 ( 20, 22 cm in the middle for the neck) and work 3 rows more for the shoulder . You must have something like this.

For the front

chain the half we did for the back, 35, 40, 45.

work as we did for the back for 20 rows

for the lace

work as the the front but we are going to descresse in one edge.

row1: to deacrese work with mesh stitch to the end but don’t finish, leave one stitch and ch without working. Ch4 turn your work and work to the end.

row2: ch4, skip one dc in the next to the end, leave the last st and ch ( don’t work in the last st and ch). Repeat for 10 rows and finish your front.

Once you have the back and the front parts we need to join all parts Starting with the shoulder. To see how I sewed watch the video. when you finish the shoulder sew the edges with single crochet ( in the wrong side). Leave a space for the sleeve, 17 cm for small, 20, 23 cm. You can leave more if necessary.


Rows 1 and 2: work in a round with mesh stitch for two rows.

row3: ch1, sc in the first stitch, *in the next space 5dc, in the next space sc* repeat to the end, sc in the last stitch.

row4: work with mesh stitch but you need to work in back post stitch( see the video)

row5 : mesh stitch

row6: as row 3.

cut the yarn.

To finish you piece sew the buttons and work two rows with single crochet in the edges.

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