Cute top down crochet


Today I’m here to show you how to crochet this cute top down. As you can see I love top down because I don’t have to sew anything haha.

For this top down we don’t need a lot and you don’t have to a lot experience just the basic you can do it.

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- Crochet Hook 5,5 mm

-Yarn 100% cotton from wool and the gang. ( 4 balls)


Double crochet = dc

Half double crochet = hdc

Chain = ch


Length 42 cm

Width 40 cm


Small 76 chains 24 sts for front and back and 14 sts for each sleeves)

Mediun 84 chains (26 sts for front and back and 16 sts for each sleeves)

Grande 92 chains (28 sts for back and 28 for front, and 18 for each sleeves)

XG 100 chains (30 sts for back and 30 for front, 20 sts for each sleeves)


ch 76 for small ( 84

row1: ch2( count as sts) more and in the 3 ch hdc, continue with hdc for next 11 sts( total 12, 13, 14, 15 sts for front); ch2, hdc for 14 sts,( 16, 18, 20, for the sleeves) ch2, hdc for 24 sts( 26, 28, 30,for the back),ch2, hdc for 14 sts (16, 18, 20, sleeves), finish with the half for the front, hdc for 12 sts( 13, 14, 15,).

row2 : ch4( count as dc and ch1), skip one in the next sts dc, *ch1, dc * to the ch2 space ( dc, ch2, dc) in the ch2 space. repeat to the end.

row3 : ch3( count as dc), dc for each sts to ch2 space ( dc, ch2, dc) repeat to the end.

For row 4 watch the video to understand how to make it.

row5 : ch3, dc for each sts to ch2 space ( dc, ch2, dc in the same space) repeat to the end.

Repeat this rows for 12 cm (4 inches) then join the front and cut the yarn. See the picture.

Continue working until you get to underarm for it was about 22 cm (8 inches). Put your yarn in the back and continue working in a round as normal. Once you get the size for your sleeves it's time to separate the sleeves from the body.

To separate keep working to the ch2 space and skip all sts for sleeves and ate the next ch2 space dc, work to the next ch2 space and do the same thing. You have separate your sleeves, finish the row.

When you separate the sleeves you have two options: you can ch3 and join or you don't do any chain to join.

No chain.

With chains. Depends on your size, if you need more stitches for the sleeves you can chain 3 or 5.

This is just a sample to show you how to make it.

How to the front and separate the sleeve.

You will have something like this.


I hope you guys liked :)

video in portuguê.

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