Easy crochet bag

Atualizado: 23 de dez. de 2019

Today I want to share this beautiful crochet bag. It’s perfect for beginners

I love to crochet, do for fun and it help me so much. I feel good doing some clothes for my selfie. I try my best to help others people to do my patterns So if you have questions let me know. I’m open to help and have a group on Facebook to help. Click in the link: Facebook group


width 13 inches

length 16 inches


crochet hook 6,5 mm

bernat home decor yarn.

This the stitch we are going to use for this bag.


Row 1= start with 30 chains plus 3 more( count as first dc) in the in second ch ad 2 dc in the same space, skip one in the next chain 2dc repeat to the end. Finish with one double crochet.

Row 2 = ch3, between the two double crochet put 2 double crochet repeat to the end and finish with one dc in the last stitch.

continue straight for 16 inch.

fold In half and join the sides with double crochet.

You should have soothing like this.

for the strap make a chain enough to close the bag.

The video is in português but I’m thinking about to make in English so may helps me improve my English 😁

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