Easy Crochet Kimono

Atualizado: 24 de dez. de 2019

Hello friends,

today I have the most easy piece to crochet. If you are beginner and are looking for pattern that is to make this kimono is perfect for you. With simple stitches and a beautiful yarn we can have a lovely piece. If you need help with my patterns O have a grou on Facebook to help. Click here


Crochet hook 10 mm

2 balls/ Caron Sprinkle cake

About the pattern:

Note: This pattern is worked in the row, from side to side. The finished panels are seamed together until you reach the half-way point to form a ruana. It is imperative to check gauge and maintain an even tension throughout to ensure pieces fit together.

Stitches to know:

chain = ch

half double crochet = hdc

V stitch ( one double crochet, chain, one double at the space)

double crochet = dc


To measure look the picture and decided the length for your kimono.


width 55 cm

Length 110 cm


ch 83 or more

Row1 hdc for each chain.

Row2 at the 4 ch from the hook dc, ch1, hdc at the same ch, skip one, *dc, ch1, dc at the same ch, skip one dc, ch1, dc in the same space *

Row3 ch3, in the ch space *dc, ch1, dc, * repeat.

Row4 hdc for each stitch.

Block each finished panel to correct height/width. Join the two panels together by seaming about 40 cm.

Fold in half and it's done.

Hope you all enjoy this pattern.

I have a group on Facebook to help you guys with my patterns. Click in the link

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