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Easy Crochet Top down

Atualizado: 23 de dez. de 2019


This pattern is so beautiful and easy to make. When I did this top I was not expecting something good, I just took my hook and started crocheting rs and then minutes later I finished, ok, it was not so fast but you make this top in one day :) I hope you like it. If you have any question or need some help with my pattern I have a group on Facebook to help. Click in the link: Facebook group


Double crochet

Half double crochet 


Crochet hook size 3mm

Red heart/ it’s a wrap color fiesta 

About the pattern

This pattern is made in one piece from the top. We work all parts at the same time while we increase until we get to the underarm then we separate the sleeves and continue working with the body.


Single crochet = sc

Double crochet = dc 

Chain = ch

Skip = sk 

Sl st = slip stitch 


Samll 110 ch

Medium: 120 ch

Large: 135/ 145 ch


Chains for each parts

Sleeves = 22 ch

Front and back = 34


Chains for each part

Sleeves = 24 ch

Front and back = 36 ch


Sleeves = 28 ch

Front and back = 40 ch


My top has:

width: 20 inches

length: 24 inches


Chain 120 for medium size sl st to first ch. ch2

  1. Single crochet in each st around, sl st to 1st. 

  2. Ch2 (doesn’t count as a stitch) dc in the next 18 st, ch2, dc in the next 24 st (sleeves) ch2 and dc in the next 36 st (front) ch2, dc in the next 24 st (sleeves) ch2 and dc in the next 18 st remain, sl st at 1st sc.

  3. Ch4, skip one st and at the next st dc, repeat * ch1 skip one st and at the next st dc* until you get at the 2ch space.

  4. As row 3, ch4 skip one st, at the next st 1dc, *ch1, skip one st at the next st dc* repeat to the ch2 space ( 2dc,ch2, 2dc) in the ch space.In each 2ch space we are going to increase ( 2dc, ch2, 2dc in the same space )The pattern is: one row with dc and two rows with filet st ( ch1, sk1 dc)

Continue work for 12 cm, or until you get to underarm.

work with the pattern to ch space, ch3 and dc in the next ch space. we chave separate the sleeves from the body.

skip all stitches for the sleeves and work directly into the next ch space. continue dc to ch2 space then do the same thing, skip all stitches for the sleeves and in the next ch2 space dc for each dc.

Now work the body only, no more increase. You can continue with dc only.

If you want to help me with my English patterns send me email:

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