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Hello friends,

the pattern I'going to share today is so pretty and easy, I say that every time rs but It is very easy. I have a Facebook group to help you guys with my patterns. my Facebook group.

About the pattern:

To make this pattern we are going to make two parts separated, front and back, then we join this two parts. Front and back are the same. Feel free to changing the pattern if necessary.

You need to know:

- cast on

- cast off

- knit / k

- purl / p

- yarn over/ yo

- knit two together/ k2tog


-- 2 balls of yarn Caron Simply soft

color dark sage ( 9707)

-- knitting needle 5mm


Small: cast on 80 sts

Medium: 90 sts

Large: 100 sts



Width: 42 cm

length: 50 cm


cast on the number for your size

Row1: knit all sts ( right side)

Row2: purl all sts ( wrong side)

Repeat this two rows for 35 mm.

74 rows aprox.

for the collar

Row 75: ( wrong side) k all sts.

Row 76: k all sts. (right side)

Row77: p all sts.

Row78: k1, yo twice, *k1, yo twice* end with k1.

Row79: *p1, drop 2yo* end with p1( wrong side)

Row80: k all st. (r)

Row81: k all sts. (w)

Row82: k1, yo, k2tog, k1,yo, k2tog, *yo, k2tog* end with k1

Row83: p all sts.

Row84: k1, k2tog, yo,*k2tog, yo* end with yo, k1.

Row 85: purl all sts (w)

Row86: k all sts. (r)

Row87: k all sts. (w)

Row88: k all sts.

Row89: p all sts. (w)

Row90: k1, yo twice, *k1, yo twice* end with k.

Row91: p1, drop yo twice, *p1 drop yo twice*

Row92: k all sts. (f)

Row93: k all sts.(w)

Row94: k all sts. (f)

Row95: p all sts.

Row96: k all sts.

Row 97: cast off all sts.

Once you have front and back join the shoulder, sew for about 12 cm or more.

Then sew both sides.

sew the shoulder for about 12 cm or more if necessary. after you sew the shoulder you need to join both sides with tapestry needle.

it,s done :) To a better result I recommend to you block your piece before you join.

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