Off Shoulder Crochet Sweater

Hello everyone,

I'm here to share my beautiful pattern. This sweater is so especial for me and I'm very proud of it. I made this piece last year and people love it.

So I decided to make a new version of it more simple and easy so most of people will be able to make it with out a problem.

This sweater is made from thew bottom up. We need to make two pieces exactly the same for front and back then We do the sleeves and the turtleneck( I have no idea how to call that part hahaha)


4 inches = 10 sts and 8 rows.


Crochet hook 5 mm

2 balls lion brand yarn Pound of love 100% acrylic/ 1020 yd.

Tapestry needle



Double crochet = dc

Crossed double crochet = cdc

Chain = ch


Length 18 inches

Width 15 inches

For my size I chain 65 and I think for those who wear medium can chain the same amount.

To decided how many chains to start I recommend to you to measure in some clothes that you like the width and chain enough for that size.


Chain enough for you size.

Row1: at the 4 chain from the hook dc and continue with dc to the end.

Row2: ch3 (count as first dc) *skip one in the next dc, go back to the sts we skipped and dc* repeat to the end. Finish with dc in the last sts.

Row 3: ch3, dc for each sts to the end.

Row4: as row 2

Repeat those rows for about 18 inches or more depends on how big you want your sweater.

Make two pieces. Once you finish front and back we are going to sew the shoulders first.

Join the shoulders and the edges but leave a space for your arms.

For the sleeves work in a round with the same patterns we worked for the body.

Row to decrease sts: 15, 19, 23 and 27.

The turtleneck

Rows to incresase, 3 and 7. Every 9 sts increase one sts for all row.

If oy make it share with me :) @moda_vessa or you can post on my Facebook group here.English is not my first language so I’m working on to improve my writing skills to be able to write better. Please if you have any questions let know I’ll do my best to help you.

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