Crochet clutch

Hello everyone,

Today I’m bringing a very easy pattern using a popular stitch:) and I can understand why this puff stitch is so popular, it makes eve even better hehe.

it‘s very simple patter I know but simplest things are the best 😁 and you can do a lot things with this pattern. I made two, the pink one is for my makeup and the yellow is for needles.

The perfect crochet clutch with standout texture and beautiful colors. If you prefer to make bigger o]you definitely can do it you just need to keep working for more rows.

For each clutch I use different hook size, hellow 5 mm and for the pink 4 mm.

Stitches to know:

chain ch

half double crochet hdc

puff stitch

single crochet sc


width 12 inches

length 7 inches


  • One ball coobo yarn by lion brand ( pink )

  • Crochet hook 4 mm

You can use another type of yarn but I highly recommend this one, it’s soft and easy to work. It has a beautiful shine. For the yellow I used 100% cotton and looks gorgeous too. Be creative and make your own crochet clutc, mixed the color, you can chang it.


Ch 30

Row1: at the third ch hdc to the end. In the last st 5 hdc in the same ch. Do not turn, continue working to the last stitch and add 5 sts into the same space.

work one more row with hdc for each stitch.

You must have something like this.

Row 3: ch3, skip one, puff stitch in the next sts, skip one puff sts in the next. Repeat to the end.

Row4: ch3, in the first space puff stitch ( work in the space between each puff stitch)work to the end. Close with slip st.

Row 5: ch3; skip the first space and work in the next, puff stitch to the end.

Important: when you start the row with puff stitch we need skip one space in a row and in the next wor your re going to work in the first space so that makes your clutch grow straight.

From Here we are going to work puff Stitch until You get the length you want.

Once you get the length you need work one row with single crochet and cut the yarn.

and it’s done 😁 I said it’s easy and fast to make.

I hope you guys liked. I know my English is not the best but I really love to share my patterns and I’m glad for all support. If you need help I have a Facebook group where I can help you.

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